Laptop Computer

6' VGA Cable

25' VGA CAble

50' VGA Cable


​VGA Switcher

6' HDMI Cable

15' HDMI Cable

25' HDMI Cable

​Powerpoint Remotes

​Document Camera

The information listed above is a basic list of equipment.  Please call for pricing as pricing is subject to change with availability and possibly weekly discounts.  Some items require 24 hours or more notice.


Larger Shows Require Setup Labor.  Half 

Day Minimum (up to 5 hours), Standard 

rates apply between 7am-5pm Monday-



Setup Labor

Strike Labor

Technician 1/2 Day

Technician Full Day

Technician Weekend 1/2 Day

Technician Weekend Full Day

*requires technical setup and or labor

Worcester Audio Visual

Computers And Accessories

Your full service audio visual rental company

Installation & Labor


LCD Projector 2000 Lumens

LCD Projector 4000 Lumens

LCD Projector 5000 Lumens

​LCD Projector 10000 Lumens

​Overhead Projector

HDMI Adapter

MAC Adapter

​IPhone Adapter


VHS Video Player/Recorder

DVD Player

13" Video Monitor

27" Video Monitor

36" Video Monitor

48" Video Monitor

55" Video Monitor

Meeting Accessories

Table/Podium/Floor Microphone

Wireless Lavaliere Microphone

Wireless Handheld Microphone

Wireless Headset Microphone

PZM Wide Area Microphone

4 Channel Audio Mixer

6 Channel Audio Mixer

8 Channel Audio Mixer

Direct Box

​Compact Disc Player


Projection Equipment

Flipchart Stand

Flipchart With Standard Pad

Flipchart With Post It Pad

Flipchart Pad

Flipchart Post It Pad

Flipchart Markers

Tripod Easel

Dry Erase Whiteboard

Cork Board

Extension Cords


Teleconference Phone

​Rolling Carts


5' Tripod Screens

6' Tripod Screens

8' Tripod Screens

10' Cradle Screens

Larger Fastfold Screens*